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Creative Work to be Honored at the ADCD

Congrats to the team here at CCT Advertising for winning 5 awards at the upcoming Art Directors Club of Denver Annual Show. The show gives props to some of the best creative work done here in town and we are thrilled to have 5 of our projects selected.

Will our phones replace our wallets?

Is it that outrageous to think phones could replace our wallets in the near future? No, but when will it actually happen? Who knows but PayPal boldly predicts the wallet will be dead by 2015. Their thought is digital currency will be accepted everywhere in the U.S. so we will no longer need to carry a wallet. 2015 might be a little ambitious but with the growing acceptance of Near Field Communications technology, we should be aware of what the future holds.

Fish Heads, Fish Heads!

As an agency specializing in Journey Brands, CCT Advertising has spent the fall and winter planning and strategizing the right approach and campaign messaging for our travel and attractions clients. It’s now production time for many of those campaigns, as we get ready to launch in the summer leisure months.

This week we had a particularly fun time in production, as we shot TV for the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Togwotee Trail campaign. WYDOT is nearing the end of a seven-year road construction project along one of the most popular roads to Yellowstone National Park.

Reality TV. We can deny it, but we want it.

Why is it that we can’t turn away from reality TV? Do we really care if Brad Womack falls in love? And what does it say that Mike “The Situation” is up there with the Merriam-Webster definition of situation in an organic search? If you don’t recognize these names, congratulations. If you do, join America’s obsession with reality TV.

From T-Squares to Twitters

I really enjoy my job.  Generating ideas is fun. Executing is fun. Getting great results for our clients is fun. But what makes it real fun is observing how our industry adapts to change.

Growing Mobile App Industry Creates Opportunity for Advertisers

It was just two years ago when Apple launched their App Store and the mobile app craze began. Now mobile users can find an app for almost anything whether for practical purposes such as the weather and news or for pure entertainment value such as a fog horn or whoopee cushion. As leisure marketing specialists, that’s good news for the gang here at CCT Advertising. Apple now has hundreds of thousands of apps for our clients’ customers, while Google’s growing Android Market has tens of thousands available to smartphone subscribers.

New Twitter Ad Model Offers Fresh Opportunities to Reach the Social Media Audience

The role Social Media plays in an overarching marketing strategy continues to change and evolve as consumer behavior adjusts to new technologies.  As a Denver-based advertising agency and leisure marketing specialists, the media department here at CCT Advertising has been monitoring these changes with interest for our clients advertising leisure and lifestyle brands. While companies foster fan pages, develop apps, investigate gaming applications and consistently engage audiences through tweets, until recently direct results from many of those interactions were mixed and difficult to track. However, Twitter recently redesigned their model with advertising in mind making tweets more clickable and more measureable and adding ‘Promoted Tweets’ that could further change the landscape for social media advertisers.