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Media Definition of the Month: Out of Home

Defining moments

Media has a language all its own, with terminology that doesn’t always make sense to other marketing professionals. So on a regular basis, members of our media department are taking a few of those words and defining them for us. This month we define Out of Home and other media terms that everyone’s heard of, but few people outside of the media department understand.

Three ‘Trends Behind The Trends’ for 2015

There are lots of 2015 predictions out there. Some are obvious. Some not so much. As 2015 rolls on, we look beyond the trends already gaining momentum to ask what the bigger story might be. What will set the leading brands apart from the rest in the minds of consumers in the coming year? We see three big ‘trends behind the trends’ that we think will impact both consumers and brands throughout the year ahead.

Top 15 Campaigns Since Y2K

Ad Age Top 15

The campaigns that are developed in the ad world are judged day-in and day-out by public opinion generated from the hundreds of thousands of people that are exposed to our messages as well as by the results we drive for our clients. Because of this, the advertising community also strives to continually challenge itself to break out of the norm, impact culture and open doors for brands.

The Truth About CTR

Truth About CTR_Robot

Click-Thru-Rate (CTR) is one of the easiest measurements to track in an online campaign and is often used as a benchmark to gauge success – especially for brand awareness campaigns that aren’t specifically trying to drive online sales. However, CTR usually doesn’t tell the whole story and research shows that optimizing to clicks may actually be detrimental.

Media Definition of the Month: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Defining moments

Media has a language all its own, with terminology that doesn’t always make sense to other marketing professionals. So on a regular basis, members of our media department are taking a few of those words and defining them for us. This month we define search engine optimization and other media terms that everyone’s heard of, but few people outside of the media department understand.

HULU 101

Hulu 101


Digital streaming has made inroads across the broadcast universe. As one of the top advertising supported venues for video, Hulu started in 2007 and offers a selection of TV shows, clips and movies.

Media Lab: New Ideas From NUVI, Sharethru and SpotXchange.

The Media Lab

Every year the PILGRIM media team evaluates hundreds of new media vendors and opportunities. This month we put a spotlight on NUVI, Sharethrough and other partners.

TV Trends

TV Trends Main ImageAlthough the media landscape is ever changing and audiences are more fragmented than ever, TV still tops the charts across almost all available metrics – including building reach and generating awareness, interest, purchase intent and actual purchases.

Colorado Political Ad Spend Tops $105M in Another Record Year

Colorado 2014 Election SpendingAfter the onslaught of television spots, radio ads, direct mail pieces and digital banners, it likely comes as no surprise that 2014 was another record year for political ad spending. The explosion of ads is due in large part to the 2010 Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court, which lifted bans on political spending by corporations. Though the final numbers have not been released, analysts say the 2014 political advertising spend will climb past $1.2 billion nationally, with the bulk of those dollars going to local TV.

The Business Case for Creativity

For years, advertising agencies have sought out, valued, and fiercely competed for awards and recognition for their creativity. They’ve sometimes been criticized for their pursuit of creative awards, under the assumption that business results should come first. Has anything changed? Could a focus on creativity be a new driver of business success? Several studies, and business leaders, seem to think so.

Storytelling at the 2014 Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference

Storytelling was a major theme at this year’s Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference. The annual gathering attracted members of the state’s $17 billion tourism industry, for discussions, training and networking. Judging from the content of several presentations, the concept of storytelling could be playing a bigger role in how travel brands market themselves.

Experiential Marketing: How even small events can make a big impact.

PILGRIM employees recently helped reenact a classic video game race in Downtown Denver. Not only was it an entertaining event, it was also a very clever marketing stunt.

The race was a perfect example of “Experiential Marketing”, also known as engagement marketing, or participation marketing: where consumers are invited and encouraged to participate first hand in the evolution of a brand. 

PILGRIM campaign honored at industry awards show

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.47.45 PMLast week, the Art Directors Club of Denver honored an inventive series of Facebook ads by PILGRIM as one of the region’s top advertising campaigns.  But the story of how the ads came to be has garnered almost as much attention as the campaign itself.

Is online advertising fraud becoming an epidemic?

Web Bot

The Interactive Advertising Bureau recently estimated that 36% of all web traffic is considered fake, prompting The Wall Street Journal to call this growing problem an”epidemic.” So what can advertisers do about it?

Wearable Tech: Why it will be as important as mobile.

SNL Google Glass Skit
It wasn’t that long ago that the arrival of the personal computer changed just about every aspect of our personal and business lives. The Internet did the same thing not much later, on a bigger scale. Now we’re told that we’re in the Post-PC era, with our smart phones and tablets keeping us constantly connected.

What’s next? According to many sources, we’re about to enter a new era where our mobile devices will become smaller, smarter, and hyper-aware. It’s being called the Wearable Era.

Connected Cars: A New Generation of Targeted Ads.

In-car Wi-Fi

As more and more car manufacturers roll out vehicles with built-in Wi-Fi, it’s time for advertisers to take a closer look at all the opportunities this trend presents.

LinkedIn: Evolving Into Something Bigger.

LinkedIn-Content Marketing

Until recently, LinkedIn always seemed to be an underdog in the social media world, often being overlooked and branded as merely a “recruiting website”. But in recent years, businesses have begun effectively using LinkedIn as a content-based marketing tool, and the “underdog” is beginning to evolve into something that is proving to be extremely beneficial to advertisers.

Two approaching trends that could change the way we buy TV.

TV RemoteAddressable and Programmatic TV are 2 very different concepts that both attempt to use data to make buying and placement decisions. Both approaches are on the horizon and have the potential to bring big changes to the TV buying and selling community.

Ever wonder if your traditional media buy is still working?

TVs With Test Patterns

These days we often hear this question from clients: “Does traditional media still work?”

Traditional media refers to all means of communication that existed before the advent of the Internet.   Old, yes, but obsolete ? Let’s look at the facts.

Daniel Buchmeier promoted to Associate Creative Director

Daniel Buchmeier 2

Senior art director Daniel Buchmeier was recently promoted to ACD by PILGRIM Creative Director Holly Menges.