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Time Shifted Viewing Overtaking Live TV


As technology continues to evolve, TV viewing is becoming more impacted. Recent research shows that up to 53% of consumers now prefer to stream TV content rather than watching live TV. This trend is strongest among Millennials and younger viewers, however, it does occur across all demographics. Of course, this is due to a range of technology options and not just DVRs. In fact, while only 34% of households report DVR usage, Video on Demand, TV Everywhere and Internet TV (Over-The-Top content) all combine to impact the time shifted viewing numbers.

Super Bowl XLIX – What Will It Take to Engage Viewers?


The Super Bowl—or more descriptively: the biggest marketing event of the year—generates a lot of hype among Americans. The game itself is supposedly the main event, but the advertising has become a bigger point of interest for many. So, what will it take for advertisers to provoke consumer engagement this Sunday?

Tracking Consumer Behavior With Wearable Technology


There is a lot of buzz in the industry around wearable technology and the ability to track consumer behavior. So, what exactly is wearable technology? Wearable technology includes clothing and accessories incorporating a computer and/or advanced electronic technologies. These technologies can be used to capture, measure and analyze a number of pieces of information, including movement, biometrics, pressure, density, time, temperature, calories, location, light, sound and much more.

Are you ready for Real Time Marketing?


Real-time marketing is the capability to respond to your target audience immediately, as an event is occurring. Brands that do real-time marketing participate “on-the-fly”, developing and refining their campaigns on an almost moment-by-moment basis.