The Evolution of Wearables

Apple Watch

Wearable Technology is a rapidly expanding category of hi-tech devices that can be physically worn by a consumer. With the ultimate goal of weaving technology seamlessly into our everyday lives, wearables literally keep technology at our fingertips. This category includes clothing and accessories that incorporate advanced computer technology like Google Glass, Android Wear and the Nike FuelBand. And, while there may be no limits to the future growth of the industry, the most recent addition to the category is creating a lot of buzz even though it may not be bringing a whole lot of new functionality to the table.

One of the most anticipated wearables yet, the Apple Watch has made its debut. Pre-orders began on April 10 and the first initial deliveries should arrive on April 24. In fact, only online orders are available for now and watches won’t be available for in-store purchases until at least June. But technology lovers don’t despair. If you’re someone who likes to see things first hand before buying you can make an appointment to try one on at your local Apple store.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Apple Watch is an extension of your iPhone. The iPhone pairs up with the watch through Bluetooth and built-in Wi-Fi and you can’t make calls, or send emails or texts without it. Regardless, the watch design is getting rave reviews and is highly customizable with 3 different models including 34 different faces and straps. And, on top of what we expect a watch to do, third-party apps increase the functionality of the phone exponentially. In fact, over 1,000 third-party apps have already been submitted to the App Store including apps from Expedia, Starwood Hotels, Target, American Airlines and Pandora to name just a few.

And consumers are responding. Initial sales estimates show the watch sold 957,000 units on day one of the release in the US – more than Android Wear watches did in all of 2014. With those results, this could become the most profitable Apple product ever.

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