The Legends of Laramie Tour Brings History to Life

The Legends of Laramie Tour

There are many towns in Wyoming that talk about history. It is the Wild West after all. But how do you differentiate one city from another? You bring that history to life.

PILGRIM created a living, breathing interactive adventure and history tour where the colorful characters and stories of Wyoming’s wildest west come to life.

After producing all the components of “The Legends of Laramie Tour” – including video re-enactments, audio files, panoramic images and photo slideshows – we created a new website where the elements all lived. For the in-town tourist, a simple pfd map with instructions can be printed off the website to aid a self-guided tour of Legend Locations.

To drive traffic to the Tour, a full media mix was utilized including a teaser print campaign, interactive print ads, banner ads and SEM.  The rest of the website was also redesigned to provide a cleaner structure and a simpler user interface.

Results? Within the first month, page views are up 42% and visits are up 35%.

Head over to the case study to check out the work and then view one of the Legends.

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