Media Lab: New ideas from IfByPhone, DataXu and SilverPush.

The Media Lab

Every year the PILGRIM media team evaluates hundreds of new media vendors and opportunities.  This month we put a spotlight on Ifbyphone, DataXu and other partners.

  • IfByPhone: A leader in call tracking & voice-based marketing automation, their cloud-based solution gives marketers the ability to track inbound calls back to the specific online, mobile, or offline source, as well as routing calls automatically to the correct sales agent no matter where they are or what phone device they use.
  • DataXu:Programmatic software with an automated learning system that evaluates millions of ad impressions, identifying high-performing combinations of consumer attributes, context and creative, to find and engage the best prospects and improve return on the media investment.
  • SilverPush: A digital partner offering real-time bidding with cross device behavioral targeting. Their patented, privacy safe technology tracks users and creates a single identity across each of their devices (desktop, tablet and mobile).

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