The most important thing in advertising.

So what’s the most important thing in advertising? Seems like a simple question, right?  I would love to stop this right here and take a poll. I’m sure there would be many different answers. But for me it’s simple:  the work. After all, isn’t good, insightful work what we all aspire to? It’s our product. It’s our reputation. It’s what we are judged on everyday.

Of course there are many other important aspects of advertising. Fiscal responsibility, research, planning, process.  But doesn’t all that culminate in the work?

According to Chuck Porter, co-founder of CP+B, arguably the hottest agency in the country, if you asked 100 agencies “is the work the most important thing?” 92 of them would say ‘yes’ and 8 would say ‘absolutely.’  So according to Chuck the resounding answer is the work. I for one am in the absolutely category. I think of it this way:  when we think of the Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef” campaign from years ago, do we think of the planning that went into it? No. Do we think of the process they went through to get there? No. Do we wonder how much it cost? No. We remember the work. It’s that simple.

Again, all of that is hugely important but the original question still remains:  what is the “most” important thing in advertising?  For me the answer to the question is, of course, the work.

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