The most productive time of the year.

The holidays are over and the Christmas tree is in the alley for recycling. Even after just a week and change there is hardly a sign of the festivities to be found. And as we nurse our collective holiday hangovers we’re looking forward to a promising new year.  As a Denver-based ad agency specializing in leisure marketing, the first of the year has traditionally been the time when we get new client budgets, kick start projects and ramp up to to full speed. This year is no different. The economy seems to be on the right track and leisure brands are eager to get new messaging in the pipeline. The great thing about all this is there are more opportunities for creativity than any other part of the year. The weather is cold, so we work. The days are short so we work. And if we look back in April or May we will realize, yeah, we accomplished a lot. You know when someone asks you if you are busy and you say,  “Yeah maybe too much.” Then they say, “That’s good.” Well this time of year it really is. So be creative. Be productive, and don’t forget, Christmas is just 356 days, 3 hours, 27 minutes, give or take, away.

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