The Single Greatest Marketing Tent Pole on the Planet


Brands like VISA, Adidas and Nike are debuting World Cup ads six months before the first game. Just how big of stage are these brands playing on? According to Mike Mikho at Ad Week, “The World Cup is the single greatest marketing tent pole on the planet.” And with last year’s Super Bowl reaching 108 million viewers compared to the World Cup at 3.2 billion (2010 viewership), he makes a very valid point.

“43% of the global audience for the 2010 World Cup were female,” FIFA says,

Taking that statistic and how much global interest there is in in soccer, Brazil and their tourism board could potentially advertise to a target market of just about everyone in the world. No pressure right?

As an advertising agency with several travel and tourism clients, we were interested in their marketing plan and approach. NEOGAMA/BBH – Brazilian agency based in São Paulo, started with a basic tourism campaign. ‘The World Meets In Brazil.” Catchy, fun and true. The video highlights all the beautiful attractions Brazil has to offer.

The Brazilian Tourist Board and NEOGAMA/BBH then took it a step further (in an attempt to reach nearly everyone in the world) by launching 17 videos in 30 World Cup countries right after the Final Draw. The Sorte Sua (Lucky You) campaign is an online-only campaign.

These videos incorporated a hashtag portion to their campaign, by hiring expatriates from 12 “strategic” countries (Argentina, Germany, Colombia, Chile, the U.S., France, the U.K., Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal and Uruguay) who now live in Brazil. Each narrator recorded 12 different scripts highlighting the attributes of cities where the matches will be played: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza, Manaus, Natal and Cuiabá. After the draw, the Tourism Institute posted 12 videos which corresponded to the cities where teams play their first World Cup match.

Through all of Visit Brazil’s social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, word is spreading of their Internet-only campaign. They have even added photo albums on Facebook showing off each city where games will take place.

Now that we know how amazing it will be to travel to Brazil for the World Cup, all that’s left is to book your flights and hotels. But, for those watchers who won’t be traveling south, a word of caution: Brazil’s World Cup is expected to be the most cluttered social conversation ever. According to Twitter, three separate soccer matches have already achieved higher tweets-per-second peaks than the 2012 London Olympics.

*See the campaign website where fans can find specific content about the cities where their national team will play.

*Alexandre Gama, World Chief Creative Officer for BBH is responsible for the campaign’s creative direction

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