It’s 2013. Do you know where your internet is?

Social Media in 2013
The Internet and social media are always changing at break-neck speed. Even the “gurus” have to keep an eye on the quickly emerging… and disappearing trends.

It’s the middle of 2013 and here’s the question: just what is the State of the Internet? Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has released her highly anticipated, annual presentation on internet trends. For instance:

  • About a quarter of people worldwide say they now share “everything” or “most things” online.
  •  On Groupon, 45% of transactions are now conducted with mobile devices.
  • Smartphone users check their devices about 150 times a day.

You can check out all of Mary’s findings below.

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Check out the rest of Mary Meeker’s presentation

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