Time Shifted Viewing Overtaking Live TV


As technology continues to evolve, TV viewing is becoming more impacted. Recent research shows that up to 53% of consumers now prefer to stream TV content rather than watching live TV. This trend is strongest among Millennials and younger viewers, however, it does occur across all demographics. Of course, this is due to a range of technology options and not just DVRs. In fact, while only 34% of households report DVR usage, Video on Demand, TV Everywhere and Internet TV (Over-The-Top content) all combine to impact the time shifted viewing numbers.

However, things aren’t all doom and gloom for advertisers. For one thing, these time shifted viewing options have actually increased TV’s entertainment value for many people and binge watching is also on the rise. Additionally, the primary reason consumers give for time shifted viewing is simply to watch when it’s convenient for them.

Amazingly, only 37% of consumers report that the ability to skip ads is a benefit of time shifted TV. So will this development lead to changes in how TV is bought and sold? Definitely. Does that mean the end of TV advertising as we no it? Absolutely not. Television still offers unparalleled reach and impact and is here to stay.

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