Top 15 Campaigns Since Y2K

Ad Age Top 15

The campaigns that are developed in the ad world are judged day-in and day-out by public opinion generated from the hundreds of thousands of people that are exposed to our messages as well as by the results we drive for our clients. Because of this, the advertising community also strives to continually challenge itself to break out of the norm, impact culture and open doors for brands.

In that vein, Ad Age recently asked a panel of industry experts to rank the top 15 campaigns from the last 15 years. According to Ad Age, judges were asked to consider three criteria:

  1. Was it a watershed ad/campaign discernibly changing the culture of advertising or popular culture as a whole?
  2. Did it create a category or enable a brand to become a category leader?
  3. Was it simply unforgettable?

One of the Ad Age judges, Greg Hand, Chief creative officer from BBDO New York, noted that all of the finalists had a strong voice, a point of view, and a client who was willing to go outside of the tried and true. Mr. Hand noted that, “they remain as standouts because they were inherently right for the brand.”

Reaching across traditional, non-traditional and social media, the winners include:


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