TV Trends

TV Trends Main ImageAlthough the media landscape is ever changing and audiences are more fragmented than ever, TV still tops the charts across almost all available metrics – including building reach and generating awareness, interest, purchase intent and actual purchases.

According to TVB, television still wields the most dominant influence compared to other media at each stage of the typical purchase funnel. And, according to this same report, even with the multitude of viewing options, watching live TV at home still capture’s the lion’s share of viewing. In fact, research shows that 86.4% of TV viewing is done live – with only 9.4% of viewing accounted to DVR time shifting and 4.2% of viewing done via an internet or smartphone connection.

If you are wondering if this holds true across age cells, the answer is yes. According to Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Report, watching traditional live TV still delivers the significantly highest percentage of viewership among all adults regardless of age.

Of course, this doesn’t mean everything is just business as usual. Audiences are more fragmented and that means ratings on individual programs have decreased as audiences spread out across multiple channels. That means buyers have a lot more options, and upfront research combined with back-end analysis take on a higher profile role to ensure that audience impact goals are actually delivered.

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