Wait for it. Wait. Notice anything?

Recently, I was surfing on the web or as I like to call it “conducting online research.”  I stopped to look at some beautiful images on a fashion photographers blog. Then suddenly a taxi passed by in the reflection on the window(above). I also began to be aware of movement in some of the other images on the blog. Okay, they got my attention and I wanted to see more.

These are part of a collaborative work of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. Utilizing an old technique (.gif) to create something beautiful with such attention to detail, is truly impressive and inspiring! Jamie and Kevin referred to their images as a “cinemagraph”. “We wanted to tell more of a story than a single still frame photograph but didn’t want the high maintenance aspect of a video…” – Jamie and Kevin from an online interview by Fast Company.

I always knew gifs can be viewed on many creative industry websites. But not at this level. They were either a short clip from a movie, sports, entertainment or just funky graphic animations. They’re fun to pass along to your friends. But I could tell that the one above was specifically planned to be photographed as a gif. Most people have said that these images remind them of the newspaper in the Harry Potter movies.

At CCT, the concept rules. So when this medium fits or enhances one of our concepts, we’ll use it. This type of image could easily transfer into of the “5 to 9 brands” that we specialize in.

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