Tracking Consumer Behavior With Wearable Technology


There is a lot of buzz in the industry around wearable technology and the ability to track consumer behavior. So, what exactly is wearable technology? Wearable technology includes clothing and accessories incorporating a computer and/or advanced electronic technologies. These technologies can be used to capture, measure and analyze a number of pieces of information, including movement, biometrics, pressure, density, time, temperature, calories, location, light, sound and much more.

Wearable technologies can fit into several categories including but not limited to activity/fitness, fashion and information providing. Devices such as the Nike+ Fuelband, Fitbit and HAPIfork fit into the activity/fitness based wearable technology used to track daily activity and create healthier lifestyles.

Fashion based technology allows consumers to customize clothing, monitor behavior and be protected from outside elements. These technologies include wearable electronics, GPS tracking, mood sensing and medical functionalities.

Wearable technology based on providing consumer information is designed to provide the user with increased efficiency and make daily living easier through devices like Google Glass and smartwatches.

Wearable technology provides marketers with the ability to connect consumers with real-time offers that are not only relevant to their lives, but also their immediate surroundings. A marketer can create actionable insight through the data collection and connect with the audience without being a nuisance.

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