Why all gross rating points (GRP) are not created equal.

Gross Rating Points Equal

Why is one Gross Rating Point (GRP) in TV not the same as one GRP in radio?   Why do ratings change depending on the target demographic? And why doesn’t a TV point in Denver equal a TV point in Colorado Springs?

Simple: a rating point is a percent of a target population and the population base for each medium, each demo, and each market is different.

For example, here is what one rating point equates to in terms of eyes and ears on TV and Radio in 3 different markets for a target demo of Adults 25-49:


Media Denver Colorado Springs Grand Junction
TV 13,665 2,827 533
Radio 10,705 2,192 449



So, one rating point on TV in Denver equates to 13,665 eyes (impressions) vs. the 2,827 eyes (impressions) one rating point delivers in Colorado Springs TV.

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