Wildlife Council ads encourage dads to take kids fishing

CPW_Recruitment_Lessons_2000pxIn a new digital and print campaign from PILGRIM, the Wildlife Council uses the power of childhood memories to encourage dads to take their kids fishing.

The original goal of the campaign was to recruit more people to become anglers. But because of a limited media budget, the PILGRIM team recommended the Wildlife Council narrow its focus to one target audience.  Once that was agreed upon, deciding who to target came easy.                       (To see more of the ads and videos in this campaign, scroll to the bottom of this post.)

According to PILGRIM’s lead creative on the project, senior art director Daniel Buchmeier, “When we started talking about the campaign internally, everyone had a story to share about what it was like to go fishing with their dads when they were kids. So we thought: Why not use those memories to remind people to take their own kids fishing?”

The centerpiece of the campaign are a series of digital videos, where people reminisce about their memories of fishing  with their own dads or granddads. All of the videos close with a reminder to take your kids fishing, and encourages viewers to visit a special website where they can learn how.   The website includes how to videos and tutorials on fishing basics like how to buy a fishing license, how to bait a hook, how to cast, what to put in your tackle box and top fishing holes in Colorado.

The campaign, which will run during spring and early summer, targets Colorado dads and moms through a series of magazine and digital ads.

The Colorado Wildlife Council’s mission is to educate non-sportsmen on the economic and environmental benefits of hunting and fishing, and secondarily, to attract the next generation of sportsmen. The Council is funded through a 75¢ surcharge on all hunting and fishing licenses sold in Colorado.






















































Take Your Kids Fishing – Phyllis Dejaynes from PILGRIM on Vimeo.

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