Colorado Wildlife Council

Welcome, Wildlife Council!

Hello, and thanks again for inviting PILGRIM to participate in the Wildlife Council Advertising Services RFP. Please enjoy this electronic version of our RFP submission and supporting materials.

We’re proud of the successful Hug a Hunter campaign that we’ve helped the Wildlife Council develop, implement and track over the last five years. And we’re enthusiastic about building upon this success to take Hug a Hunter to the next level. We look forward to the opportunity to continue to educate Colorado’s ever-growing population about the incredible public impacts and wildlife conservation successes made possible by sportsmen!

Printed copies of our RFP Submission were provided to the DNR Purchasing Office on April 4th, 2016. For convenience, we’re including an electronic copy of our submission here, along with the videos that are featured in our case study and samples of work from the RFP.

Click to download a PDF copy of our proposal.

Campaign Development and Execution Case Study: Rocky Mountain Health Plans.

Our original brand campaign intermingled iconic Colorado scenic images with tongue-in-cheek commentary demonstrating how much Rocky Mountain Health Plans understood Coloradan’s state, as well as their state of mind. Years later, many people still recite the “$2,000 mountain bike on a $200 car” line from this TV spot.

The most recent evolution of the Rocky Mountain Health Plans brand promise demonstrates how the brand has evolved. Two recent spots poke fun at those people we’ve all encountered at some point: well-intentioned newcomers that just don’t quite appreciate the nuances of our special, Colorado lifestyle.

Additional Samples of Work: AAA Colorado.

AAA Colorado had a problem. In recent focus group research, Gen X respondents did not believe AAA was relevant to their lives, and didn’t understand how AAA could benefit them beyond emergency roadside assistance. So we posed the simple question “How would you reinvent roadside assistance.?”

Additional Samples of Work: Eating Recovery Center.

Eating disorders are a serious medical condition that claim more lives than any other mental illness. We launched this campaign during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, a time when we knew national attention would be turned toward eating disorders.

Additional Samples of Work: Connect For Health Colorado.

We all need health insurance. Because we all do stupid stupid stuff sometimes. TV spots for Connect for Health Colorado helped overcome a common belief of “I’ll just get by without health insurance”.

Additional Samples of Work: Peer-to-Business Investor (P2Bi).

Meet the Ex-traordinary Woman. She is cool, smart, enviable, attractive, witty, confident and wealthy, with a bit of a “I play outside the normal rules” rebellious attitude. All of which fit perfectly within the P2Bi brand.

Thanks for spending some time here. Before we say farewell, we wanted to share some of the other work that’s been keeping us busy lately. If you’d like to know more about anything you see here, let us know!